Friday, September 14, 2007

Week 8 - It's a Milestone

Eight weeks of picket duty is a milestone for this Picket Boy.

It marks the end of hoping for a settlement. It’s time to:

• Update the resume;
• Hunt for a new job;
• Develop an entrepreneurial business plan.

Self-employment here I come.

Strike pay will carry me. I’ve paid $900.00 / year to CUPE ( a non-refundable tax deduction) and as of next week I’m close to retrieving $1,800.00.

I love my current job. I work front line with an incredible group of volunteers. Yet two months of striking and no resolution in sight is the incentive I need to start a new chapter / adventure.

Wish me Luck!!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck PB and thanks for this blog - it helped a lot. Not to set a trend in attrition, but I have abandoned the picket line this week. Time to move on, whether anyone likes that or not.

Picket Boy said...

Good Luck!!

I'm glad this blog served more than just a place for me to vent :-p

spartikus said...

I have been sending out my resume for weeks now - but I won't abandon my friends, and will continue to picket. That's my choice. YMMV

It's funny, though, how the City seems to have no trouble contributing $5 million towards an Olympic Party Zone (something which seems ideal for corporate sponsorship)

Anonymous said...

I am with you Picket Boy. At first this all seemed about Sam, but it has become clear that it is really all about CUPE, and CUPE alone. CUPE should not be allowed to sell out the members over their own political interests.