Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Library Update - Sept 26

Mediation with non-binding recommendations agreed to by Library and CUPE 391

[September 26, 2007 05:07 PM]

VANCOUVER – Following two days of mediation, Vancouver Public Library and CUPE Local 391 have agreed to an enhanced mediation process.

Within the next week, the representatives of the Library and CUPE 391 will provide mediator Brian Foley with verbal and written submissions on their respective views on the terms and conditions for renewing their collective agreement.

After considering those representations, mediator Foley will provide the Library and CUPE 391 with his non-binding recommendations for ending the strike.

The parties have agreed that they will then submit those recommendations to the library’s principals and the unions’ membership for acceptance or rejection by vote.

A media blackout will be in place until mediator Foley has issued his recommendations.


Anonymous said...

Hey Picket Boy,

I think you've got your mediators mixed up (or in our case, the "facilitator" as the city loves to call her). The CUPE 391 mediation is with Debbie Cameron, not Brian Foley. And we’ve only just been informed that the city will now take recommendations from her – is this not just too ironic considering that pay equity has become our main battle cry and the city waited a week before agreeing to actually listen to her.

But there are other issues, which unfortunately may die. One issue at risk is in part due to the ongoing assumption that seniority supports ineptitude, etc. Not sure how it works in CUPE 15 et. al., but 391 is comprised of 50% part-time and auxiliary workers. And none of us have any security for shift booking, on a permanent or casual basis. It’s pretty much agreed that the library cannot function without the support of part-time/auxiliary workers so seniority is an issue here. Those of us who’ve given years of our lives are looking at new staff who just represent a lower payroll expense over any sort of experience they bring.

Picket Boy said...

I quoted from the website which lists Brian Foley but I thought it was Debbie Cameron.

Auxiliaries - early on I was informed of the high percentage of Library auxiliaries so I've tried to preface each comment now by stating that in CUPE 15 this is what I believe.

It is difficult to understand the City's bargaining strategy with CUPE 391 when pay equity templates have been available from Coquitlam and Burnaby. Toronto I wouldn't use as a template given that city's current fiscal problems.

Anonymous said...

How is that so-called Library Staff can't get the information out to the members so we know what is going on? Geez. Thank you PB for providing an alternative information source to even our union blogs.