Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Media Blackout

Yesterday CUPE 15 had a picket captains meeting. They did some finger waving about how and when people picket and are now threatening to send "picket police" to ensure people are picketing in the manner prescribed.

Regarding negotiations CUPE and the City are in offer - counter offer mode. It appears both sides are attempting to massage contract language to ensure neither side loses what face they have left.

Sticking points "No Layoffs" & "Auxiliary Seniority Pool."


Anonymous said...

Just keep on strike CUPE, every day out makes the 5 year cash grab just a little easier to stomach. Keep up the good work for a few more weeks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Donald Trump. Your Darwin Award is in the mail.

Anonymous said...

Typically it is always the worker who get’s the “we won” rhetoric from the Union bosses. My partner is a teacher and that is exactly what happened when the BCTF strike was over; Jenny Simms announced that teachers had won by securing a 16% increase in the contract. At the time this seemed like a big victory because the government was only offering around10% However when the dust cleared it was only certain teachers with specialty subjects in remote rural areas that would actually get that 16%, everyone else got 10%, exactly what the government had been offering all along. I’ll be curious to see what CUPE “wins” on this one

Anonymous said...

Thank the lord that Jenny Simms isn't involved in this strike. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.