Friday, September 7, 2007

CUPE Picket Newsletter

EXCERPT: Strike Hot Sheet Vol. #22 | Hot Sheet September 10, 2007

When managers come calling

Some union members are reporting that managers and exempt staff have been visiting picket lines or calling striking members at their homes in an effort to sell the City’s spin on the contract issues. In the process, members have been made to feel demoralized by the half-truths and sometimes mis-truths, they’re hearing from these managers. If this happens to you, please don’t be disheartened by it.


Anonymous said...

So, let's see. CUPE leaders and all unionized workers are honest, salt of the earth people. And all managers are lying, scum-bag spinmeisters.

And you wonder why the strike goes on.

Maybe it's time for unionized workers to realize that non-unionized workers (yes, that includes managers) are normal, decent human beings, just like them, and are trying to do an honest day's work to the best of their abilities.

You all don't have a monopoly on virtue.

Gazetteer said...


Have you noticed manager-mediated cajoling and/or baiting going on (ie. is this becoming a significant issue)?



Anonymous said...

Congratulations - you just posted the most irrelevant and insufferable nonsense this blog has seen yet - my only mistake is the 5 seconds this is taking to respond to it.

Picket Boy said...

What I have heard is that managers are determining who is still working for the city? They need to estimate how many new positions they need to fill.

There are a couple of managers who enjoy aggravating strikers - but they are in the minority.

They are no different then those few strikers believe it is there job to litter Stanley Park. They shred newspapers into such small pieces that it ensures it takes all day to clean the site.

You have to remember the purpose of CUPE's "Hotsheets." It's simply a PR effort to boost morale. Accuracy is not a priority.

Gazetteer said...

Thanks for the clarification PB.