Monday, September 24, 2007

CUPE Press Release on Killarney Park

CUPE strongly condemns dumping of dangerous debris on sports field

[September 24, 2007 06:00 AM]

VANCOUVER - In response to reports that dangerous debris (nails, broken glass, concrete) has been dumped on a Vancouver sports field (Killarney), CUPE has issued the following statement:

CUPE strongly condemns the malicious dumping of dangerous debris on the Killarney sports field. Whoever has done this has seriously jeopardized public safety, including the safety of children who may be playing there and the safety of CUPE workers, who we hope will be mowing the lawns and maintaining the fields again shortly.

This civic dispute has been hard on everyone. However, there is no justification for endangering the life and safety of others.

CUPE members dedicate their working lives to serving the public, to making their communities clean, safe and enriching to individuals and families. Not being in a position to provide our quality civic services to our friends and neighbours in Vancouver is difficult for us, but it is unbearable to see our public spaces being purposefully made unsafe.

Like everyone, we look forward to the end of this civic dispute and restoration of civic services and in the meantime expect such malicious acts to be stopped immediately.

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