Monday, September 3, 2007

Innovative Research Group Poll - Aug 30

August 30, 2007: INNOVATIVE Poll

Vancouver city strike tracking

"Innovative Research Group has followed public opinion during the long, smelly summer labour dispute in Vancouver. Over the course of five weeks of tracking, British Columbians are paying close attention to the dispute and assigning blame equally to both parties. Both the City and the union (CUPE) are seen as more unreasonable than reasonable, but CUPE has lost ground during the course of the dispute concerning their position."

Vancouver Sun article(PDF, 40k)

Deck(PDF, 178k) Six page report.

Questions Asked:
  • In your view, how fair and reasonable has each of the following been in the way they have approached this dispute?
  • Which negotiating party do you feel is most to blame for the labour dispute? Do you think it is mostly the fault of...?
    • The civic workers union
    • The Vancouver municipal government
    • Both equally
    • It is really no one's fault
    • Don't know enough to say
The margin of error in the latest survey (Aug 23-29) is +/- 5.7%. Total surveyed = 299.


spartikus said...

From the Vancouver Sun article:

Non-Partisan Association councillor Kim Capri said that her leader's poor showing probably stemmed from the unions' attempt to blame the mayor for the stalemate.

"CUPE has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at the mayor. They've taken out ads against him and even flown out national union leaders to attack him," said Capri.

Oh my...they flew national union leaders the biggest strike in the country! Shocking!

Councilor Capri decisively demonstrates the NPA's inherent arrogance - with a refusal to concede in even the slightest way that perhaps the City has made mistakes in it's approach to negotiations - and contempt for the citizen with the inference that the average citizen of Vancouver are unable to think for themselves. That slick CUPE marketing machine with it's staff of thousands, nay tens of thousands, strikes again!

Anonymous said...

I found Sams interview on CTV news tonight quite interesting. When asked about his poor performance in the CTV commissioned poll, Sam responded that he doesn't put much stock in polls. If that is the case then why did the City waste my tax dollars on that stupid poll they commissioned several weeks ago? Sams performance has been pathetic! He is done.

Gazetteer said...

And why did someone pay for a second poll from Innovative, the same firm that did polling and 'strategy' for Mr. Sullivan's 2005 mayoral campaign?