Sunday, September 30, 2007

Jurassic Park Board - 02

The Rationale
In 1962, Hurricane Frieda blew down 3,000 trees in Stanley Park. This storm cleared sufficient space in the area to allow for construction of the Stanley Park Miniature Railway, which opened in 1964. The 20 gauge railway track is approximately one mile long and winds through towering cedar and fir trees, over trestles, through tunnels and past ponds and streams.

The major windstorm in December 2006 blew down a number of trees in this area, and others had to be taken down, creating additional clearings in the forest. Many of these fallen trees have been left in place on the forest floor, which adds to the creative opportunities for an exhibit. About 200,000 people ride on the Miniature Railway annually.

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS No.P2007-13, Stanley Park Dinosaur Experience, pg A-1

Miniature railway could use a triceratops or two

But that's a minority view: Public opinion is running against park board proposal for dinosaurs in Stanley Park

Pete McMartin, Vancouver Sun

Published: Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Anonymous said...

Do you think they would dare try to use any of the 9 million dollars in donations, federal and provincial money they received after the windstorm to fund in anyway this ridiculous idea?

Anonymous said...

If Dinosaurs in Stanley Park meant more jobs for CUPE, I'd expect the union local to be all for the proposal.