Monday, September 10, 2007

Issues - Attraction and Retention

The City is wishes to simultaneously post positions internally and externally above pay grade 26 ($29.07 - $34.34/hour) to expedite finding the best candidate.

CUPE argues that internal posting should come first. If no one qualifies then the positions should be advertised externally. This adds 6 - 8 weeks in the job hiring process.

Vancouver is the only city in the lower mainland with this bargaining language.

Originally I was opposed to the idea of joint postings. Now given the clarification of job skills sought and that Vancouver is the only city with such language I now support joint postings.

One caveat. I mentioned this earlier. It is suspected by staff that job descriptions have been tailored to suit an individual rather than the job. This is where the union does benefit staff and ensure a fair hiring process.

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Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that 1004 workers when applying for cupe 15 city jobs are looked at as "outside" workers .I know that as a fact because I am a 1004 worker and that was explained to me in detail by all th Human resource managers at manitoba yards.