Thursday, September 20, 2007

All's Quiet on the Picket Front

Mediated talks continue under a media black out but after two disappointments expectations are minimal at best.

Friday afternoon is when competing press releases, usually referred to as Fact Sheets by both sides, are posted. I am hoping it will be quiet on Friday and talks continue over the weekend.

The fall chill is appropriate given the state of relations between staff and management. Blankets, toques, gloves, fleece and heaters have replaced shorts, t-shirts and sunglasses.

In the vein of expecting the worst picket captains are requesting burn barrels. Thanksgiving is approaching and low expectations are giving way to new distractions. Recipes for barbecued turkey is the hot commodity. The debate is coals vs wood (and then what type of wood).

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Anonymous said...

Yah thats all we need certain areas of vancouver on fire manitoba yards.