Saturday, September 1, 2007

Jerry's D'oh! Quote - 01

The Vancouver Sun reports in "Deal Rejected"(Friday, August 31, 2007) the following comment.
But City of Vancouver spokesperson Jerry Dobrovolny said the union opted out of mediated talks when it went on strike and it was time for the union to "move on" and address issues that are prolonging the strike.
Jerry. Jerry. Jerry.

How quickly one forgets that the strike vote was initiated by:
  • reducing medical, dental and savings plan benefits;
  • offering a contract that expires 90 days after the 2010 Winter Olympic games (just when the real costs start adding up);
  • Mayor Sullivan suggesting that staff wanted to hold the Olympics hostage;
  • claiming the 39 month and 9.75% wage increase was the "firm final offer" ( a textbook example of boulwarism, see "Of Whipsaws and Boulwares" and "Boulware - NHL Lock Out" .)
If the 9.75% over 39 month was the "firm final offer" what was there to mediate? Rejecting an offer that was a step backwards for staff does not equate to opting out of mediation.

I am not a fan of all that CUPE has put forward but this quote does explain staff's distrust of senior management.

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