Tuesday, September 25, 2007

CUPE Expects Mediator's Offer & Vote Next Week

BARGAINING BULLETIN #23 - September 25, 2007

Following three days of discussions with mediator Brian Foley, both CUPE Locals 15 and 1004 and the Employer agreed to an enhanced mediation process.

Your Bargaining Committee met with Mr. Foley on September 24 to review with him the outstanding issues between our Union and the Employer. He will now meet with both Local 1004 and with the Employer after which he will issue non-binding written recommendations for the settlement of both our and Local 1004’s labour disputes. All parties have agreed to submit the mediator’s recommendations to a vote.

We anticipate that Mr. Foley’s recommendations will be available some time next week. As soon as possible after we have received them, we will provide the recommendations to our members and schedule a membership vote. The decision on the recommendations will require a simple majority of ballots cast. No proxy voting can be permitted.

Vancouver’s City Council and the GVRD Labour Relations Bureau will also vote on the mediator’s recommendations.

Your Bargaining Committee asks all of our members to maintain the strong solidarity and support of your issues that you have demonstrated over the past weeks. We assure you that we are doing everything possible to achieve a positive resolution to this struggle.

On behalf of the City, Parks, Ray-Cam and Britannia Bargaining Committee:
Keith Graham (Chief Negotiator)
Peter Stary (Chair)
Jeannette Black
Christine Boyd
Karl Leonhard
Betty McGee
Jordan Parente
Donald Rounding

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