Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Managers Guide to What Not To Say 01

Received this comment:

Regarding what managers shouldn't say once the strike is over, two had stopped by the site I picket at a couple of weeks ago and whined about how hard it will be for them to book holidays because all of the managers will be wanting them right away. Please forgive those of us who hold no sympathy for their plight.


Anonymous said...

I've met a couple of CUPE members that took their paid holidays DURING the strike! I think if CUPE members had had their holidays cancelled the stated attitude towards managers would be easier to understand. I think its just one more example of BOTH sides just accepting the strike as a cost of doing/resisting business as usual, and its probably one of the reasons this strike has been so long: because even before it began everyone EXPECTED it to be long.

Picket Boy said...

The only way to get a paid holiday when there is a strike if is your holiday began prior to the strikes start.

Otherwise vacations are canceled. Mine were.

If they had a paid vacation which started during the strike then something doesn't smell right.

Anonymous said...

Same in my local anyway - what PB says is correct

Anonymous said...

Exactly. I know a few striking CUPE members who did take holidays during the strike, but they were unpaid. They also forfeited their strike pay because they were away and didn't do picket duty time. Many of these people were very torn about taking the holiday, but some had pre-paid trips, and would have lost even more money had they not taken the holiday.

Anonymous said...
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