Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Peter Ladner Responds

Dear Picket Boy:

I've got your answers, but I do not deal with people hiding behind pen names or writing anonymously. You know who I am. I'll send them to you when I know who you are.

Peter Ladner

Sent 11:14pm Monday September 10


Anonymous said...

Councillor Ladner, if you are to make assertions in a public forum such your letter to the Vancouver Sun, it behooves you to provide sufficient evidence to back up such assertions.

Anonymous said...

Don't do it, Picket Boy. In my experience (VPL), employees who ask difficult questions are treated like whistle blowers, and we all know whistle blowers can kiss their careers goodbye.

spartikus said...

The right-wing mind is charming per usual, especially juxtaposed against the volume of anonymous anti-union comments left on this blog (but surely Mr. Ladner is not one of them, and that there has been no comment left from a vancouver.bc.ca address).

But...I guess you've arrived.

Anonymous said...

Well, Mr High-and-Mighty Ladner, here's a large finger to you too.

Try living in the 21st century for a change.

I'm no supporter of the union or the strike, but snottiness like that is going to cost you more than just the loss of my vote.

Anonymous said...

Councillor Ladner, how hypocritical of you as you and the City hide behind a PR firm (The Wilcox Group) - no shadowy a figure there huh? - to do your spin (at how much a cost to city taxpayers). Providing a name is irrelevant as you OWE it to the public (in a public domain) to disclose your assertions. Remember, you work for us (the taxpayer), we don't work for you!
My name is Peter. Answer the question!

Anonymous said...

The contract Wilcox Group had with the GVRD Labour Relations Group ended in early August. They were never hired by Vancouver in relation to this labour dispute. CUPE continually rolls out Wilcox as the back room boogie man when they're not even on the payroll.

You'll need another excuse to slam the Councillor's very reasonable request that he respond to someone willing to identify him or herself.

Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

I think the comment left by Councillor Ladner is totally fair. If you desire Picket Boy to be taken seriously, write a letter to Mr. Ladner and sign your name just like the rest of us do when we have legitimate concerns.

It seems to me that Councillor Ladner has a duty to Vancouver taxpayers. Writing something anonymously to him, doesn't provide proof that you are in fact, a Vancouverite and Mr. Ladner would be inundated if individuals under anonymous aliases wrote him, expecting replies.

Good on Councillor Ladner for acting in a responsible manner and being polite by informing you (which he didn't need to do) if you have concerns, as an individual, write him, provide your contact info and he'll get back to you.

Anonymous said...

Incredulous !!!! Do my eyes deceive me? ANONYMOUS SAID ....

You'll need another excuse to slam the Councillor's very reasonable request that he respond to someone willing to identify him or herself.


Hahahahahahahahahah ... oh dear.

Anonymous said...

The right for someone to remain anonymous is inherent - it doesn't and shouldn't disenfranchise someone from the process.

Anonymous said...

You mean to tell me with all the data and research thats available to CUPE, they don't know EXACTLY what their demands will cost the Vancouver Taxpayer? They know to the penny, what the raise will cost. but they don't disclose the number because even if its not the same as Ladner's, its still higher than they want the public to know about. Keep it up Peter, keep pounding away on affordability, keep demanding economic sustainability for hardworking Vancouver taxpayers.

dirk buchholz said...

Mr Ladner how about you just go back to the table and do your job.
We peons do not have the Sun or other such entities,i.e PR firms etc at our disposal to spout off our propaganda.
To take issue with Picket Boy's anonymity is just another excuse for you not to engages,or respond to his post.
I would not reveal my identity either,if I were a city employee blogger.It might just very well put ones job at risk.Jamie,you of all peoples should understand that fear.
The sad reality of these times in which we live,is that it seems,trust and fair play are not principles many people live by anymore.At least understand that,and give the guy the benefit of the doubt.After all his blog is no fly by night affair,it would be a pretty safe bet that the guy is a striking city employee.
Lets face it if what you say stands up to fair and open discussion,well it will be just that more effective.So what is it you fear?What does his anonymity have to do with anything?

spartikus said...

Facts stand and fall on their own merit. Picket Boy's anonymity is irrelevant.

Councillor Ladner failed to provide evidence in his editorial for some of the serious charges he makes. He has the opportunity to do so now.

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of Picket Boy and enjoy this blog a ton, but on this one I agree with Jamie Lee Hamilton; the request by Ladner is not unreasonable.

However if I was Picket Boy I would not submit to it. It's not worth it. Besides with Ladner's comments on the record any other person who does put their name forward should expect to receive them same figures.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ladner

Will we have to tell you if we voted NPA or not in the last election to get an answer? Perhaps the question you should be worrying about is who will vote for the NPA next time!

Gazetteer said...


Probably not.

But you might have to tell him where you live.



Interesting point you make about the end of the Wilcox Group's contract - would that have been before or after someone or some group commissioned that poll by the Innovative Group (ie. Mr. Sullivan's former polling and campaign 'research' group) that was selectively 'released' to the Vancouver Sun at the end of August?


Anonymous said...

Isn't it kind of funny how Mr. Ladner wants the identity of someone yet I can now vote with a complete veil covering my face hiding my identity and no one can ask me to remove it!!!! I bet he would accept any votes and wouldnt ask where they came from.