Saturday, September 29, 2007

1 Burn Barrel + 2 Propane Tanks

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - Vancouver Fire Department was forced to deal with a small but potentially dangerous fire tonight. A barrel was burning at the Manitoba Works Yard, but here's the scary part. There were two propane tanks sitting on top of that barrel.

Captain Rob-Jones Cook with Vancouver Fire isn't sure how they got there unless someone deliberately left them and that's something investigators will have to determine.

Five trucks were called out to the blaze and crews had to cool the tanks down so they didn't explode. The cities' Manitoba Works Yard is currently behind picket lines.

And in a separate fire, this time in Stanley Park - another tree erupted into flames earlier this evening. It was in a similar area of the park to the two previous tree fires. Fire investigators there are trying to figure out if there's a firebug at work.


No more burn barrels on Vancouver CUPE picketlines

[September 30, 2007 09:10 PM]

In the interests of public safety, the safety of CUPE members on the picket line and in accordance with city of Vancouver by-laws prohibiting the burning of open fires, CUPE 15, CUPE 391 and CUPE 1004 will move from the traditional practice of staying warm on the picket line with burn barrels, to staying warm by using alternate outdoor heating methods, such as commercial propane heaters and/or barbeques. We are making this change as quickly as possible on all of the over 70 picket lines currently up in the city of Vancouver.


VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - Vancouver firefighters have been busy dealing with a number of illegal burns in the city. Captain Rob Jones-Cook with the Vancouver fire department said, "It's a long labour history thing in the City of Vancouver, its been around much long than I have. When people are on strike in bad weather, the barrels are lit so they can keep warm."

Jones-Cook said they do have to enforce the bylaw so striking workers might want to look into using commercial propane heaters. The department dealt with a small but potentially dangerous fire at the Manitoba Works Yard on Saturday night, and in that situation there were two propane tanks sitting on top of the barrel.

CUPE is heeding the fire department's request. In a press release issued late Sunday night, the union said burn barrels will no longer be used by their members to keep warm on the picket lines.


Anonymous said...

Wow. There are some messed up people out there. I don't know how to respond to that either, Picket Boy. Thanks for the report.

jonuck said...

that's outrageous behavior
they need to put their thinking caps back on and focus
here' a good one to watch and an answer to their behavior