Saturday, September 1, 2007

CUPE's "Union Busting" BS

CUPE's claim of "union busting" by the City of Vancouver is a juvenile response tantamount to an adolescent temper tantrum. Public sector unions appear incapable of critical self reflection. If one dares to criticize one aspect of a public sector union's position beware. The union will attack claiming that one is anti-union and trampling on the graves of past union activists.

No question the City of Vancouver was ill advised when it attempted to force a 39 month contract on its employees. Coupled with Mayor Sullivan's miguided musings employees were angered. No one agrees to a contract that expires 90 days after an Olympic games. Given the IOC's fiscal history it would not have been in the employees best interest to negotiate then.

As a younger employee I wish to advance. Seniority does not work in my favour. Quality of work and measurable results does. Unfortunately, many older employees believe they are due positions simply because of time served. These older employees underestimate their skills and currently CUPE is perpetuating their fear and self doubt.

I have a vacation package that the private sector can not match. My medical and dental plans saved me thousands of dollars when hit with an unending stream of health problems. How much more do people want or need?

This is a watershed strike which will impact how Vancouver's civic services are provided. CUPE is seeking to stratify employees. If successful there is no reason for young employees to remain with the City of Vancouver. The entire city loses as young staff with innovative ideas leave for more rewarding challenges.


Walter Schultz said...

Great post Picket Boy. I agree with everything you've said.

All Union's try their best to portray every conflict as an us versus them proposition. It helps to unify the workers to the union. Big bad employer, you need the union to make you strong. Hey, remember there are no kids working in the coal mines here. That rhetoric was from a previous age.

However, I believe as you do that individual workers need to carefully examine their own reality before being swayed by BS from either side. Make your own mind up, think for yourself. I hope more union members read your post, so they might find their own answers to why they are on strike

Anonymous said...

As far as 391 is concerned, if 49% of the workforce is part-time auxiliary, then those members aren't enjoying the wonderful benefits you are talking about - in fact, you may be a little out of touch with the private sector world - in my personal realm most of my friends earn wayyyyy more than me, have decent benefits and have just as much vacation time too. They can't believe what little I get as a someone who has been with the City 15 years. Just my experience, but certainly the PT/Aux core of workers gets shafted every time bargaining takes place. I've been paying my own medical/dental etc. for over 15 years.

QBert said...

Don't forget that those benefits and wages your friends receive in the private sector are thanks to hard work by unionists. We go on strike, get a fair deal, and then non-union employers have to offer their employees good enough deals so they don't go and form their own union.

Management wages too are based on the deals negotiated by the unionized employees. They get all the benefit of collective bargaining with none of the hardship.