Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The World According to Jerry..,

Jerry Dubrovolny has the task of being both the voice and face of City management. He has been stumbling in the last couple of weeks with statements that a high school reporter could puncture.

When CUPE 15 lifted the media black out Mr. Dubrovolny stated that the city was angry, frustrated and flabbergasted that the black out was lifted and that CUPE had left the table.

Five weeks earlier, prior to strike action, CUPE and the City were negotiating. City negotiators, after meeting separately, left without informing the CUPE side. When CUPE 15 President Paul Faoro expressed surprise that the City had left negotiations without informing CUPE. Mr Dubrovolny, in his one show of sarcasm, said:

"I'm sorry that the union was hurt that we did not say good bye."
Tuesday morning Mr. Dubrovolny was asked why the City and CUPE do not return to mediation. His responded that mediation had been attempted but CUPE had walked away from the table.

An important contextual fact is missing. Mayor Sullivan and City Management were stating that they were only interested in a 39 month contract with a 9.75% increase. How exactly does one mediate when the terms are not negotiable?

Mr. Dubrovolny's greatest role currently are his public statements. When talks failed last weekend picket resolve returned upon hearing Mr. Dubrovolny's words.

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