Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Toronto Announces Sweeping Cuts

City announces sweeping cuts to municipal services Friday August 10


The City of Toronto announced sweeping municipal cuts on Friday totaling $83 million in a "cost containment" effort by city council to solve the financial woes of the municipality.

City departments were left scrambling after council ordered all agencies to cut services in order to save cash-strapped Toronto $100 million.

Some of the cuts to services include:

  • Community centres will be closed every Monday
  • Libraries will be closed every Sunday
  • Snow removal services will be reduced
  • Yard waste removal services will be cut back
  • The number of bylaw officers will be reduced and the city will implement a hiring freeze
  • The opening of artificial ice rinks will be postponed until January

The City of Toronto faces a budget shortfall next year of $575 million.

CUPE local 416 president Brian Cochrane was visibly upset about the cuts which jeopardize employment for 1,700 union members employed part-time with the city.

"We now see ourselves in a position where a number or our members are adversely affected. I worry about their future, deeply," Cochrane said inside council chamber on Friday

"I really think that we are in serious, serious trouble in terms of the quality of life in the city and employment. That's where my heart is and that's where I live on a daily basis."

With a report from CTV's Desmond Brown

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