Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Fog of Strikes 02

6 days of negotiations sealed within the vacuum of a media blackout results in an upsurge of rumours and speculation.

Rumour #1
  • CUPE 15 president Paul Faoro is seeking to replace the retiring CUPE BC president Barry O'Neil. If Mr. Faoro can negotiate more than the 4% wage increase in the 5th year of the Richmond settlement he succeeds in increasing the 5th year of the agreement for all GVRD (Metro Vancouver) CUPE locals.
  • The "Me Too" clause is activated ensuring wage parity across the regions. A great election platform for Mr. Faoro if the rumour is true.
  • This rumour was first published by Walter Schultz on Friday August 3rd but only heard mentioned on the picket line today.
Rumour #2
  • CUPE and City of Vancouver final stumbling block is "auxilliary seniority"
  • Auxiliary employees are those who work less than full time and do not recieve benefits, vacation time nor are entitled to seniority and usually comprise three groups:
    • young adults getting their first jobs;
    • staff who seek a more flexible work schedule;
    • or those supervisors do not wish to hire full time.
    • Auxiliary staff work multiple positions - usually within the Vancouver Park Board - to gather the equivalent of a full time work week
  • Pro - auxiliary staff would be recognized for their work and gather benefits, and be able to seek more favourable positions
  • Cons - worst possible outcome would be those in the third category gaining seniority and having the option to bump those in the first two categories out of their jobs
    • net outcome would increase barriers for young adults to seek employment inside the City of Vancouver
    • CUPE will deny any such employees exist but that is their job and ideology - experience dictates otherwise

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