Sunday, August 26, 2007

Vancouver Posts Settlement Offers

City offers CUPE 15 two settlement options:

First Settlement Option

Second Settlement Option

North Vancouver Agreement - 2007

CUPE has indicated through the media that the first of the two offers made to CUPE 15 on August 23 is not the North Vancouver District settlement. This is not the case. The first offer is North Vancouver’s settlement with a few necessary differences. The North Vancouver settlement covers both inside and outside workers and includes several issues exclusive to outside workers and not applicable to CUPE 15, such as boot allowances and trade rate changes. North Vancouver’s settlement also adds items that are new in North Vancouver, but are already in the existing CUPE 15 collective agreement. If CUPE believes that there is an item in the NVD settlement that applies to them that was not included in the first settlement option, the City is prepared to discuss this with them.

Because CUPE has called into question the accuracy of the City’s assertion that CUPE 15 has been offered the North Vancouver settlement, the City has posted both offers made to CUPE 15 on the City’s public website, and has also posted the entire North Vancouver settlement to allow a thorough comparison by members of the public.

I have not read the offers yet as I did not know the offers were posted until after reading Kate Webb's Sunday August 26th Vancouver Province article "Union Rally has city officials worried about contract talks."

It's a great improvement over Jonathan Fowlie's National Enquirer speculation in Saturday's Vancouver Sun.

Click on CUPE for the Wednesday Rally information.

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