Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Commissioners' Comments

Monday and Tuesday marked a fresh round spin and public relations. CUPE has Jerry Dubrovolny to constantly rally the troops with his constant stream of irony. The City of Vancouver has yet to win a media scrum and thanks to the work of CBC it was learned that the Wilcox group was fired and left taxpayers with a $50,000.00 bill.

One group communicated clearly and with quantitative impacts. COPE Park Commissioners Loretta Woodcock, Spencer Herbert and Independent Al De Genova gave financial and personal impacts of the strike.

Summer, unlike at City Hall, is the high service and revenue season for the Vancouver Park Board. The three municipal golf course generate revenues which in turn fund such non revenue programs as Community Youth Workers, Summer Park Leaders and Lifeguards. The repercussions of this strike may mirror what is happening in Toronto now with the new Monday closings of community centres.

Importantly they did not personalize the strike, like Vision Vancouver counsellors's, and refer to this as "Sam's Strike."

If this strike, as predicted, extends into September many parents will be left without Preschool, Daycare, and Before & Afterschool programs. Operated by the non-profit half of a community centre they are dependant upon janitorial services, book keeping and registration provided by CUPE staff.

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Thanks Picket Boy for your comments. I've been reading your blog, and find your perspectives really interesting, and informative.