Saturday, August 25, 2007


I read an interesting blog about the APC attack on Mayor Sullivan's residence.

The Oldtown News, written by Jamie Lee Hamilton, connected the dots between APC, DERA and CUPE. Unfortunately she mistook my request for evidence as an attack on her research. For that I apologize.

was posted August 24th with the following quote:
The opposition municipal party Vision and CUPE unions must immediately distance themselves from this latest action by APC/DERA. It is widely known that DERA/APC workers are part of CUPE 1004, a striking Union. Vision has supported APC/DERA and of course receives significant contributions from CUPE.
I sent the following comment / question:
At 9:16 PM, Picket Boy said...

It is widely known that DERA/APC workers are part of CUPE 1004, a striking Union.

That is quite the claim - what evidence do you have to support it?

Today, Ms Hamilton responded with:


I don't recall disputing Ms Hamilton's work but I am a stickler for details.

Ms Hamilton's blog outlines which APC members are employed by DERA. A CUPE membership is required of all DERA employees.

If true, hopefully, union leaders have dealt with these rogue members. Their actions only hurt the work and efforts of the union they claimed solidarity with.


Walter Schultz said...

Good work on the two and fro with Jamie Lee. It's interesting to watch as your blog is gaining attention.

Would you vote yes for the District of North Vancouver agreement?

Picket Boy said...

If what Vancouver offered was in fact identical to the North Van offer I would have no problem voting yes.

However, even if CUPE 15 votes yes - CUPE 15 leadership has stated they will stay out until all CUPE 1004 and CUPE 391 settle too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well bear in mind the source - JLH HAS been threatened with libel in the past for some of her "little odysseys in reality"