Thursday, August 23, 2007

City Offers - CUPE Responds

August 23, 2007

City offers CUPE 15 two settlement options: hopes for labour peace by Labour Day

Today, in a move to end the protracted CUPE strike, the City of Vancouver has provided two alternative offers for settlement to CUPE 15. Both offers include the regionally mandated 17.5 percent wage increase over five year terms.

The first of the two offers is the settlement which successfully ended the CUPE strike in the District of North Vancouver.

The second of the two offers, also based on the District of North Vancouver settlement, includes a number of new improvements, and addresses local issues which the City and CUPE 15 have discussed through the previous year of bargaining.

Both offers include an Olympic Partnership Agreement (OPA). The OPA describes how the City will work with CUPE employees during the period of the 2010 Winter Games.

The City has set a time limit of Wednesday August 29 at noon, for CUPE to respond. This time limit reflects the City’s desire to end this strike quickly, yet provides CUPE 15 with enough time to review the options, and consult with their membership, if they choose.

“Everybody wants this strike to end as soon as possible,” states Tom Timm, General Manager of Engineering Services and City spokesperson. “If CUPE 15 is willing to accept either of the City’s offers, our inside employees could be back at work, our community centres open, and children’s and senior’s programs available by Labour Day.”

Media contact:

Tom Timm
General Manager of Engineering Services

CUPE 15 hopeful a negotiated settlement can be reached

[August 23, 2007 05:46 PM]

VANCOUVER - Representatives of Vancouver's striking inside workers (CUPE 15) are pleased today to learn that the City of Vancouver has signaled thier interest in resolving the civic dispute.

CUPE 15 has contacted the City to explore options and expects to have further conversation with the employer in the morning. In the meantime, union bargaining representatives will be reviewing the documents.
We hope to make further comments tomorrow.

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