Friday, August 24, 2007

City Losing Employees

Rumour mill was in overdrive today.

25% of City mechanics now working for Translink.
  • pays $4.00/ hour more
  • better benefits
  • Translink building new service yard and requires more mechanics
  • more expected to leave
Staff from the City of Vancouver's asphalt production facility walked next door to work at the Kent Avenue GVA-RMX concrete plant and were hired immediately.


Anonymous said...

It's not only mechanics that are leaving the City, the library has recently lost two of its librarians. One might question whether the strike's played a role or whether is just part of the greater retention issue so many organizations are experiencing. However, a strike plus the deprofessionalization librarians are suffering especially in public libraries plus low wages ---- the decision to leave is not so difficult.

Picket Boy said...

What do you mean by "deprofessionalization?"

Anonymous said...

Eliminating librarian positions and replacing them with inadequately trained library technicians, to start. VPL has no problem recruiting new librarians, but the pay and the working conditions make retention of them much more difficult.