Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Arbutus Club - CUPE's SPIN

Strike Hot Sheet Vol. #13 Aug 22, 2007

Nyet to club garbage collection

The Arbutus Club thought it was doing it's members a favour (though not "free" we might point out) when they said they'd take their members' garbage for $5 a bag. The Flying Squad, piloted by CUPE 1004 with wing support from 15, threw up a picket line Saturday August 15 at about 11:30 am. Some club members were shocked when they learned of their management's decision to interfere with the strike this way while club staff, many members of the Union of Canadian Auto Workers, refused to cross the line. By 2:30 pm, the CUPE squad was assured by the Arbutus Club manager that the garbage collection would cease and desist.

Great spin - just seems to be lacking any detail on the trash talk. hmmm

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