Monday, August 27, 2007

CUPE wants Richmond, City wants North Vancouver

Wow! What a day.

CUPE has requested direct bargaining or a third party mediator. The City (Tom Timm) has said it will respond to CUPE before week's end.

CUPE wants the Richmond agreement as a template. The City (Mayor Sullivan) prefers North Vancouver.

I am currently comparing the City's offer with CUPE's counter offer and reviewing the Lower Mainland grid that CUPE posted with the North Vancouver agreement posted by the City.

Tom Timm did acknowledge today, on CKNW, that job security language is an issue but the City also states in it's Aug. 27 media release:
“It is encouraging that CUPE 15 is no longer insisting that a settlement must be reached with all three CUPE locals at the same time,” adds Timm. “This morning, CUPE 15 indicated to media that they are prepared to move forward negotiating on their own.”


James said...


Your blog was mentioned on the picket line today. Wish I'd discovered it earlier. Good stuff.

Picket Boy said...

Thanks you James.

I hope you find it useful.