Friday, August 3, 2007

Richmond, Delta, Burnaby, Surrey and North Van District

The result of last nights settlement is that the City of Vancouver, the supposed leader of Metro Vancouver, is the only city striking.

Each side has been battered in this dispute with no true moral victor. Demonstrating great understanding, the city as landlord, has told tenants at library square that their rent is due. City Managers now reinforce the sense that the city is operated by heartless, faceless bureaucrats more interested in the dollar then in then health of local business.

CUPE has not fared much better. Ray-Cam Community Services Centre serves a high risk population surrounded by the drug trade, prostitution and poverty. An oasis in the area CUPE deemed that their services were not essential. The union fails to comprehend the social impact of the work in this and other Centres viewing the world simply as an employer, employee conflict.

Surely Vancouver deserves better from both sides.

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