Monday, August 20, 2007

What's What? & Who's Who?

CUPE HOTSHEET #10 Aug 17 2007

What's What

Page 2 of the #10 Hot Sheet lists "What's on the Table" according to CUPE 15, 1004 and 391.

Contrast it with the City of Vancouver's advertisement which was printed in the Aug 18 (Saturday) Vancouver Sun and Aug 19 (Sunday) Vancouver Province. Look to the lower right corner for "The Key Issues."


"Who's Who?

For over a year now a group of dedicated union volunteers have been gathering, meeting, discussing, formulating, and attempting to negotiate our collective agreement.

Who are they?

Would you recognize them on the street, give them a pat on the back and express your gratitude for their dedication and perseverance?

And what about the Strike Coordinators – they are certainly putting all their time and effort into trying to end this dispute.

Starting next week the members of the Bargaining Committee will be touring picket sites so you’ll be able to put a face to some of those names.

It will be your chance to ask questions and get answers straight from the source. It’s also an opportunity for them to meet you to learn how it’s going at your site and to get your input and observations from the front line.

The Strike Coordinators:
Mark Codron – Waterworks Operations
Betty McGee - Trout Lake Community Centre
Terri-Lynn Hobbs - Lord Byng Pool and Fitness Centre
Peter Burch - Community Plans & Implementation
Brenda Coombs - Britannia Community Services Centre
Sarah White - Carnegie Centre - Oppenheimer Park
Rick Johnson - By-law Fines

The Bargaining Committee:
Peter Stary (Chair) - Greenways & Neighbourhood Transportation
Jeannette Black - Records and Information Management
Christine Boyd - Britannia Community Services Centre
Karl Leonhard - Mount Pleasant Community Centre
Betty McGee - Trout Lake Community Centre
Jordan Parente - Parking Management
Donald Rounding - Parking Enforcement

Chief Negotiator – CUPE 15 office Keith Graham"

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