Friday, August 31, 2007

Vancouver Strike Bargaining Update August 31

The City of Vancouver has posted fact sheets in response to CUPE 15's counter-proposal.

Bargaining Update August 31

City responds to CUPE 15 counter-proposal:

"The City has notified CUPE 15 that they can not accept their most recent proposal. There are a number of difficult issues where the City and CUPE 15 are far apart. These issues include no lay-offs; the Olympic Partnership Agreement; seniority versus merit; job classification; whistle blower policy; harassment policy; and attraction and retention of employees. The City has suggested that a private meeting needs to take place between key members of the City’s and CUPE 15’s bargaining teams to discuss how to proceed."


No Lay-Offs

The Olympic Agreement

Seniority vs Merit

Job Classification

Attention / Retention

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