Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Jurassic Park Board - 03

Park Board staff traveled to the Toronto Zoo to inspect Dinosaurs Unearthed's indoor 16 dinosaur show.

The Discovery Channel covered the opening.
  • After clicking on the link - click on News & Press. The video is slow to load.
  • At the bottom right hand corner is the background audio control. Turn that off to hear the video.
Just don't confuse Dinosaurs Unearthed with Dinosaur's Unlimited.

Jurassic Park Board - 01

  • Request for Proposals / Dinosaur Alternatives
  • Park Board Management's Jurassic Treatment of Community Centres
Jurassic Park Board - 02
  • The Rationale
  • Pete McMartin's story tracing genesis of Jurassic exhibit proposal.


Anonymous said...

One would have thought the Elected Park Board (not just certain NPA) would have sought public input then voted on whether ot not this is suitable prior to asking for proposals. Instead, it would appears Chairman Robertson ok'd this and managements trip to Toronto based on somones discussions at a party.

At parties I have attended (east side) we talk about the Canucks, or how bad Sam is. I can honestly say we havnt talked about dinosaurs in Stanley Park!

Anonymous said...
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