Saturday, October 6, 2007

Scheduling Auxiliary Employees

Written from a CUPE 15 perspective.

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A good compromise is developed which provides the City with flexibility in scheduling yet develops a process to convert an auxiliary position into a Regular Full-Time or Part-Time employee.

The Employer will review the feasibility of developing or acquiring a system(s) or establishing processes that will:
  • facilitate the scheduling of Auxiliary staff in both the City and Park Board;
  • assist in matching employees' skills, competencies, and qualifications with the availability of work;
  • make more transparent to both employees and members of the public seeking work the employment opportunities within the City and Park Board; and
  • link available employment opportunities to the City's recruitment and advertising processes, including civic websites.

The second point, above, is the most critical piece. If CUPE's original offer had been accepted any Auxililary could request placement in any position based on seniority. Skills, competencies and qualifications become the guiding process in hiring for auxiliary positions.


This joint committee will make two sets of recommendations. The first is due June 30, 2008 and the second June 30, 2001. Reports are submitted to the "General Manager of Human Resource Services who will provide recommendations to City Council and the Park Board."
"The Employer shall share with the Union all information necessary for the review process including:
  • the pattern of auxiliary hours over the past two(2) years and
  • the operational criteria applied previously in conversion reviews done by the parties in both Parks and the City.
The Union will be provided with the opportunity to conduct worksite visits to review exisitng employees' shift schedules.
Once committee discussions have concluded:
  • the Employer will identify the auxiliary hours that the Employer is prepared to convert to Regular Part-Time positions based on the criteria of previous conversion reviews;
  • the Employer will also identify the employees who would be affected by such conversions.
The last two points could be problematic given the level of trust between CUPE executive, staff and the senior managers.


A fair process which reduces the ability of managers to bypass qualified staff with favourites has been formalized. The system will match skills, competencies and qualifications and allow Auxiliary and Temporary staff to register their availability for work and their intent to:
  • seek regular full-time or regular part-time employee status;
  • return from one season to another or form program period to another; or
  • simply be available on an on call basis.

If the Joint Committee is not dysfunctional then converting those auxiliary postions which match the committee's criteria into regular full-time and part-time positions will benefit those staff.

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