Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Cold, Wet and Waiting to VOTE

It's November gray on October 2nd. It rained, poured, was windy and then thundered.

People are chilled, wet and weary.

Learning that the mediator had delayed release of the settlement offer until October 8th has frayed nerves and tested picketer patience. Apparently I'm not the only prickly picketer.

CUPE 15's bargaining committee has announced that they will schedule information meetings and provide an accept or reject recommendation.

The bargaining committee and union executive, at this point, carry as much influence as a movie critic. They will express their opinion but only unionist connoisseurs will take heed.

Most picketers will base their vote on:
  • personal experiences, both at their job and with the union; and
  • what their opinion is on the negotiating obstacle of "No Layoffs Due to Contracting Out."
There is no consensus for or against on this final point.

Given this increased frustration people will hold their vote close to their chest. Fire Fighters (reported on CTV Oct 2) attempting to extinguish burn barrels are requiring police support to cool aggravated picketers. Thankfully they are not the majority but only a few idiots and fools are required to undermine the efforts of so many picketers.

The few overly aggravated, otherwise known as bullies, don't give a damn why you vote the way you do just as long as you vote the way they do.

CUPE and the City have perception obstacles to overcome.

CUPE has to convince many that this strike was not hijacked by CUPE's executive as a means to leverage greater gains for those CUPE locals that have already settled.

The City's senior management must prove that they are not as arrogant as their take it or leave it style of bargaining would imply.

Regardless, the union and the city have 5 years to develop a positive working relationship.

Will they?


Negotiators, on both sides, will simply seek new and innovative means to aggravate the other until 2012.

It is at this point where visionary non partisan leadership is required.


Anonymous said...

It is at this point where visionary non partisan leadership is required

This I agree with. But when it was left to one mediator to deal with all 3 locals, I realized it would take more time and accepted that. The weather? Pah! And after hearing some rather disparaging comments from our local management (some direct, some second hand) - well that just reinforced me and my prickly manner disappeared. They just gave me a renewed view to hang in, despite the weather, and I will.

from the other side said...

lets offer first pick to city workers to pick up contracted out work. Maybe then they wont be sick so often and actualy be productive. Selfemployment is gratifiying and it keeps you busy enough to stop the wining and. It is an option that has worked for many companies. You guys are spoiled in terms of working conditions. Its time to go back to work before the residents ask for a refund on their taxes. You guys make hard working people sick. If you don't think you can find work in todays job market, I don't see how you can think you deserve to keep your job until you retire. That is an old concept no fit to today's workplace. I have had it to see so many city guys standing , looking at one of them doing the work like they don't have nothing to do. When you look at a normal, non union crew, you don't see a bunch of them standing around, waiting for brake time. Private Employers don't keep people like that. Why should tax payers pay for that? Join the club of the normal, productive worker and then maybe we will put up with you bitching. A lot of people don't support your strike and keep quiet because it is seen as wrong not to support union members. Well it is not 1920 anymore and I think it time for unions to get back to reality and stop dreaming. In 2007, businesses can close anytime and re-open tomorrow in a cheap labour country. Stop asking too much because soon we won't have any jobs left. That is reality. Oh yeah, I forgot, the city can't do that so residents have to put up with the bullshit from both side...

Anonymous said...
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jonuck said...

for the other side

I am tired of hearing people say they see city workers not working....if you knew anything about the process you couldn't say that.

First of all you the taxpayer are willing to accept thats the fault of the worker but its not the fault of the city who pays out 30% of salaries budget for managers and after all they are the workers and it is up to the managers to plan a day filled with productive work. The workers are only directed, they are not directing.

Second of all, do you know if they are waiting for materials to arrive but their truck is stuck in gridlocked traffic, maybe the asphalt plant broke down and the material is not coming at all or the truck could be in a long line up at a concrete plant because construction is booming and these plants are BUSY

Fortunately, you are not the norm.
We see all kinds of letters of praise from the people who have blocked sewers, broken waterlines, or use city services of anykind.

I'm sorry you feel that way about us. Tax payers do deserve justness, workers deserve fairness. And workers who live in Vancouver are entitled to both.

Anonymous said...

There's been some buzz that the recommendations (at least for local 15) were received today from the mediator. Wonder if that will speed up proceedings now?

Anonymous said...

No the buzz is they phoned Foley today and he said maybe Friday

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't understand what the bonus money is for? excellence in striking? Why would the City pay for that; shouldn't bonus money be paid by CUPE?

Anonymous said...

told ya


Anonymous said...
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