Thursday, October 11, 2007


Lines of communications are open between the two CUPE locals still on-strike and the City of Vancouver. Many people feel that the city can hold out indefinitely. One problem. Winter.

Icy roads need salt and sand. The City of Vancouver does not have enough exempt staff to operate all the trucks required to maintain city streets.

Questions regarding the need for libraries in the age of the internet also arise. High School students need books for research. ESL curriculum is housed at many libraries for foreign students. Writers and researchers are also dependent on the assistance of library staff.

Much information is available online but accuracy is still in short supply.

Vancouver Sun reports:

CUPE 391

Meanwhile, Dobrovolny said talks would be held Friday with CUPE Local 391, which represents 775 striking library workers who overwhelmingly rejected a settlement negotiated by mediator Brian Foley.

CUPE 1004
Today's meeting followed a phone call Wednesday from CUPE, Local 1004 president Mike Jackson in which he told city negotiators that the two parties were close to a settlement, said the city's main spokesman Jerry Dobrovolny.

He said he felt the two parties were very, very close and it just needed some tweaking so we set up a meeting today with a couple of managers from the city and a couple of executives from 1004 to sit down and find out perhaps how close we are," Dobrovolny said today.

He said it was not an official bargaining meeting because it didn't include the whole bargaining committees.

"It's just a couple of people from both sides," he said. "But clearly there's an opportunity that we need to pursue with the president of Local 1004 saying it just needs a little tweaking and we are very close. So we are hopeful but as I stressed yesterday, our focus and priority is to get inside workers back to work and get those services restored as quickly as possible."

SOURCE: City Hall reopens for business after strike

Gerry Bellett, Vancouver Sun, Published: Thursday, October 11, 2007


Anonymous said...

A question for 1004; why does it take 66% to vote to accept an offer, but only 50% vote to go out on strike? Just seems odd.

Anonymous said...

1004 has a tentative deal