Thursday, October 11, 2007

Being Your Own Worst Enemy

Although many inside workers returned to work without having to face pickets this morning at City Hall, some outside workers have ignored their union's statement last night that said members would not deter other members from going to work. The city says a few outside workers set up pickets at parks around town this morning, and inside workers honoured them. The Parks Board is dealing with the matter and could possibly go to the Labour Relations Board. NEWS1130

Community Centre staff did receive warnings today not to step outside alone if 1004 members were loitering outside.

Supposedly a few 1004 members have decided to harass CUPE 15 members who work in parks. The 1004 members were in an altered state and threatening staff doing their job. Others decided to have coffee breaks outside the entrances of community centres on the east side of town.

Again, a small group of YAHOOS ruin the reputation of an entire union group. Great work guys!!
Vancouver Sun reported:
He (Jerry Dubrovolny) said there were a few incidents of Local 1004 picket lines interfering with inside workers, mostly staff employed by the park board.

"It's a constantly changing situation but the parks board is pursuing it and will take what ever action is necessary which may include going the the Labour Relations Board [for an order to stop picketing]," he said.


Anonymous said...

I'm 15. No 1004 showed up at my community centre and that's a good thing. We thought we could get the building up and running and open for service in a day but there are problems, including cobwebs all over the bloody place. The kids' summer programs were in full stride when we went out so there was all of that stuff to collect and stow away. All of the bulletin boards, the outside reader board and brochures of various kinds had to be ripped down. We had to turn a summer fun interior into a halloween autumn. Tomorrow we open the fitness centre, but that's it. Drop in programs like badminton, volleyball, indoor soccer and basketball will be ready for next week. And the high school kids can stop in to hang out or play ball in our youth open gym. Moms and nannies with infants and preschoolers can come in for parent and tot gym. Seniors will stop in for bridge and/or mahjong. You know, all of the nonessential things.

Anonymous said...

What those "nonessential" things tell me is some people don't have lives.

spartikus said...

Yeah...those kids and seniors should be taking shifts at the coal mine.