Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Vancouver Civic Strike - CTV News @ 6

CTV News gave the strike and its impact much more coverage. The quality of the reporting was superior to Global with three separate pieces. CTV actually shot video of the Animal Control Shelter instead of resorting to stock footage. The shelter is only 15 minutes east of Hasting Community Centre.

  • Ray Cam Community Services Centre
    • Lack of services for children
    • CUPE 15 issue
  • BC Labour Relations Board
    • CUPE 1004 v. City of Vancouver re: Fireworks Garbage
    • Outcome: Sesame Street Moment with both sides COOPERATING to resolve situation without LRB involvement
  • Alleged Assault - Animal Control Shelter & Alleged Vandalsims
    • Images of Vancouver Animal Control Shelter
    • Shorter segment of Jerry Dubrovolny press conference
    • Images of vandalized city cars (back window and tail lights)
    • Report that City Alleges Union involvement but admits it has no proof.
The next postings will break down the stories themselves with transcripts and again judge how the Union and the City are faring in communicating their messages. How the major news outlets report the story will also be discussed.

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