Sunday, July 29, 2007

On Again Off Again

High School romance best describes the on again off again negotiations of CUPE and the City of Vancouver. The talks started with high expectations but end abruptly with accusations and recrimination.

As a Picketing Peon I am no more informed than the general public. News reports and reading the rumour tea leaves are what I have to depend upon. The union will send out someone to do the rah rah stuff and talk about how the city is attempting to screw us. While the city contends that union staff are simply sheep following a blind shepherd.

Either way we don't truly know what is happening. Case in point wages. Did the city only offer 9.75% over 39 months? Depends who you believe. This current failed talks - was the city open to the Richmond deal or as the city contends was the union seeking a 30% increase in wages and benefits?

Again I don't know and there is no credible source of information. Picketers and the general public are now in the midst of full media spin cycle.

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