Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Spin Control Step 2

If one's position fails to persuade attack the character of your opponent.

Jerry Dubrovolny infers but can not prove that city employees have slashed tires on park board and manager's trucks after the fireworks.

On a disturbing note - the City of Vancouver claims a pregnant woman was allegedly pushed by a CUPE member outside a city office while renewing a business license. A police complaint has been filed but no further information has been made available by the city or the Vancouver Police Department.

CUPE statement re alleged incident on CUPE picketline
[July 31, 2007 01:14 PM]
We have been advised of an alleged incident that took place outside the Vancouver Animal shelter yesterday at 2:00pm involving a couple crossing the picket-line and a group of all-female CUPE picketers.

The police were called to the location and after an investigation, did not lay any charges. An ambulance also arrived and left without any patients.

It is unfortunate that city is taking advantage of this first picket-line complaint to escalate tensions between the city and its 5,500 employees. We urge the public to encourage the city to return to the bargaining table to bring a speedy resolution to this labour dispute.

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